There are several aspects of rural Bengal. Each aspect has its beauty and its role in rural life. In the days not far ago, a village pond was part and parcel of effective rural life. The pond had its appeal and use in different ways to people of differen sexes of all ages. Boatmen, village wives, farmers, children enjoyed the diverse services and relief from the pond in their own peculiar way that made their lives so colourful, so romantic and so musical. Involvement of the old clean pond was inevitable to have the charms of village life.
The old people have left for ever. With them the pond has also changed its appearance. It is not transparent now. Dirt is there. Bushes are there. Village people do not feel for the pond now. The intimate cord is broken. All nature is sad to think of the golden past.
Village life has lost its charm and beauty with negligence in taking care of the important ingredients of rural life.
The village poet tries to make us feel what a beautiful village life is about with its rural surroundings and its rural elements. If ponds along with its components are gone, a village is not village anymore.
A poem with full of feelings ! A must read for those whose heart is with rural Sonar Banla.