Yoo My Rose

Yeah! I am saying of you, Rose.
You are my such Rose which is not available anywhere,
Never belong the world.

I am not beauty enough for you,
But my love beyond everything of you
Even in the world.

You saw the beauty of nature,
Here you find me as your pleasure.
I am the only flower of your long hair,
Which ever fallen from the lock of hair.

You feel distance of me but,
Our soul reflect the sun moon together.
For what the earth bath itself only with our love.

You hide when I slept
No Rose, I recalled you in my dream.
You smile as a moon,
I am echod with your smile.
There the night get it pleasure,
Nothing but for our love.

Night goes away sun pip your glowing face,
I find smelling of your hair,
That make me mad out of the world
But here also I find you Rose! Rose! Rose!

Shall you escape me Rose,
I shall be your escapism.
Shall you leave me Rose
I shall be your carriage

So why you so shy Rose,
Look at me
You shall find the new world
Where only you and I