Respected Admin and all the talented and experienced Poets ,
A very Good Evening to all of you .

First of all , I pray to God for each and every poet present here in this ashor , for their long life . May God bless all with more new ideas  , with which they can create magic , with great creations and writings which lives on forever  ...

I am Sourav Kumar Patra , son of Mr. Gouranga Sundar Patra . I don't have much knowledge of bengali since I studied in English medium school from my childhood , hence I beg pardon for giving the post in english .

This Ashor has given my father a lot more than anyone can ever expect in their life . My mother expired when , I was a 14 years old child . My father gave me the love of mother and father both and helped me to grow up and become whatever I am today .  He Deeply Loves everyone here and speaks a lot about all . At the end of the day , as a Son I feel happy when I see the glorious smile in his face .
He respects each poet and their great creating talents . Even he discusses a lot with me sometimes , about the poems written by the poets of ashor and at times explain me some .
I feel that everyone here is blessed indeed with extra-ordinary talent .

Few days back , my father got his right hand seriously burnt , while cooking and is undergoing treatment . He is having high diabetes , so we are much worried about his recovery .
I , posted his previously written poems sometimes after this incident , so that he feels happy when some of you come and read his poems .
He is unable to go to your pages and post comments in the poems due to his injury .
So , please excuse him for his inabilty .
He will be back in the Ashor after he recovers perfectly .

I request all to pray for his early recovery ...

Wishing Everyone A very happy Durga Puja and Dussehra .

Respect and love to all ...