Muslim  remember allah
After reching baitullah
Make your home in heaven by golden brick
Response there telling labbayek
Labbayek  allahummah labbayek

Remove the gerbage from heart
love of allah keep insert
Make sure allah for you to forgive
Shouting with tears labbayek
Labbayek  allahummah labbayek.

more  and more Walk for  tawaf
Love of world try to give up
Give your tears before this heaven leave
Pronounce from heart labbayek
Labbayek  allahummah labbayek.

Drink more water from zam zam
demand to fill up all intention
Remove your hungerness and thirsty
thanks to allah remembering  history
Make agree of allah to get profit
More and more recite labbayek
Labbayek  allahummah labbayek

Present in mina for whole day
hot of arafat not tierd to stay
Hit by the stone aim to shaitan
Every step you keep to learn
Pray to allah continuos without break
Labbayek  allahummah labbayek