Crossing over thousands of miles, through dark and bright,
Sailing seven seas throughout the night,
Flying over the hills dreaming delight,
Through the grey sunset , to red sunrise,
With some fading, some shining faces in sight,
From Florida, New Jersey to name a few,
We were promised to be here , where are you?

With some white beard, matured man, no longer a shy,
With grey hair, thinning somewhere,
Looking still nice in black-dyes
Hiding crow-feet cast beneath eyes,  

Ragging scares no longer, we are strong enough,
Even though a sneak look to someone, in front of spouse, seems tough,
But still  promise to stare  in your eyes, lady  and say you still shine so bright,
In a limelight, sunshine still blushed, messed moonlight,
The same way you look, you did some years back,
No worry if  some flames burnt out, nothing to lack .
Still wished to stand in dark shadowed corridor before a class,
Just make a day with a glance on old day’s crush,
Just promise to give us a lost moment like a brand new,
Ohh ! We are here, where are you?

Heard, some came here to attend the class , to a dark lecturer room,
They peeped into the hall and said  “Hello, any class ? Hear us anyone?”
Empty hall echoed ‘hello !’   in silence, lost face, phantom,
Whispered in husky voice ,”long years ago, the class was done,
Some still due,  
We’ve been here with a empty seat beside, where were you?”

When we are all awake in a rat race, for a nothing to miss -
Deka, Nilanjan, some beloveds still in long sleep,
Laying in the graveyard , rest in peace,
On  a strange journey with a breath so deep,
Wiping out all colors, he played in his last holi,
Turning into a white cover over him forever,
A fading face of smile and humming shayer,
Sang  a last song “sochenge tumhe pyar…”
With lots of love and endearing sage,
Last spring came with blossomed flowers
Now they got dried on his chest with autumn foliage.

On days past thru the pain,  we promised to move somewhere then,
A promise to sit in Antu’s jhoops, Omelet, Anda poch without bargain,
A promise to a big fight in Samrat for a raw or with soda,
With a roasted breast piece or leg piece chicken,
A promise to go KMP, check if someone still waits with broken heart’s pain,
Some repay to inconsolable losses may be still due,
We’ve been here to pay, where were you?”

A promise to see you again, on the way,
Benachity, Chandidas, City center, Ramanujam, Tansen,
Prantika, DC, Chitralay for a movie or  just a freak far away,
Or a  lazy walk down the memory lane,
To search “where are you - my lost-self,  in between my “Now & Then”?

Oh dear wake up, dream is over now, comes a new dawn,
Life is seeing tomorrow through last night’s pain & sorrow,
Life is a promise to ‘show must go on’
Where are you  bro? Let’s see you in a Reunion.

Samrat : A dhaba(line hotel)'s name,  we used to go at night for spening some good times.
KMP : Kumar Mangalam Park (in Durgapur).
DC : Durgapur Cinema