I noticed, in my Mobile, sometimes Bengali Font does not work in some Comment Boxes and sometimes it works. So here I am compelled to put my comment in English. I hope the poet will realise my compulsion.
The poem wonderfully points out the continuous loss of pupularity of the various types of songs which were integral with village life in the past. The songs originated from the core of the heart of the rural artists and they show how colourful, emotional and melodious they were. These folk songs were related with harvesting, rural professions, rural cultures, festivals and many many things attached with rural living. I mean, as was the life, so was the song. Our lives, our life styles have changed and with that the style of songs has also changed. Change is the only constant in Nature. We cannot stop it.
The pathos created in the poem is heart-touching. The poet has referred to almost all types of songs prevalent in golden old village lives. One of it is Classical song like Thumri, but all the rest referred are folk songs, majhi, palki, bhadu, tusu, bhatiali, podaboli etc. These songs are still there, but they have lost their mass patrons.
The poet has rightly raised the issue. Something need to be done to restore the dignity of these songs which are identical with our glorious rural past.
Great thanks to the poet for writing such a nice poem.