Some dreams stroll into pieces
Some dreams are brittle to kisses,
But the fragrance remains
In the deepest core of the heart,
Those winkless perceptions were not
Enough to teach me the art;
The art she played the guitar
With intense pain,
Drove me somewhere
In the deserted lane.
I was lost, I was lost completely
Whether I saw her
Playing her Hawaiian guitar
Beyond the realms of Sicily,
Or within the narrow passage
Of the classroom!
Mingled, admixtured
My love was with repentance,
Our reality was made of fume.

Some feelings float over wishes
Some feelings are cohesive as kisses,
But the music is unaware
Of rhythms and barriers,
Those stagnant rays were not
Enough to show me the interiors;
Drops of her tears fell
One by One on the guitar,
Though I could not touch
But my pain was severe.
I was lost, I was lost completely
Whether she was beaten up
By her husband every night
With that much of suspicion,
Or she was trying to forget
The memories of a coward!
Burnt, sanctified
Her love was with embers,
Our reality was made of blizzard