Dear Admin
First of all, please accept my sincere gratitude for offering this creative platform in form of introducing this portal so successfully!
You have not only gifted us with the vehicle of reaching out to the  home and hearth of Bengali poetry loving people world wide, but also acted as harbinger for young, talented and budding poets to realise and cherish their dreams so passionately! A big salute to you on behalf of all poets! I am sure, all will join hands with me to shower their appreciation! You would agree with me, there can not be any better laurels than these heartfelt exuberant feeling of spontaneous admiration for this stupendous job!

I do believe that there can not be any better sacred word or act exists like "money" and earning them in abundance is such  wonderful occupation or an avocation. Money feeds people, money empowers and it adds midas touch to all things that life longs for!
Doing good commerce with this creative venture of running this portal is actually blessings for us as our

stability to grow through this platform is directly
proportional to the viability to keep your market healthy with more and more of our participation to woo the
advertisers with the size as well as the quality of stuff that we deliver in form of our creative contribution. Hence, it is a win-win situation between the entrepreneurs  of the portal and the poets, writers and ofcourse readers.

Oflate, we have witnessed that a section of your advertisements is crossing the level of decency! No, I am not a puritan nor was born in victorian era with tale-tell evidence with the heavy dose of morality. I never had, nor do, nor ever will  advocate or restrict to classify exactly what could be the boundary line of
sensuality in your advertisement which fuels the wellbeing of this portal. However, if it shocks the collective conscience of a person like me, it does not certainly cater to others poets , writers Readers with a palatable feast of senses either! I am particularly drawing your kind attention for an advertisement entitled "Addictive Games" that had appeared today and which is of pornogrphic  in it's test and texture! My earnest request to you to please refrain from advertising such type and manner of such stuff which would certainly not go with the brand and brains of such sensitive and literary portal where poets even pen their poems with plethora of messages of social justice and social
You have provided us with this platform free of cost to us like we have provided you with free market in such a volume  by our creative contribution day by day. Hence, please give a judicious thought where we co-exist.

Warm Regards
Abheejit Mitra