Happy Diwali to all of you
On the day of Festival Of Light.
Wish you all to be so happy  
And with full of delight.

This day is a cheerful day
With all fun and frolics,
Just after the sun sets
The earth is decorated with lights.

Barring cast creed religion,
People from all walks of life -
Everybody is with a festive mood
With a smile in this festive night.

Fire works, sparkling with  lights and sound
Keep the night alive.
Children are with cheerful glee, youth are agog
Men women, old and young   are filled with sea of joy.

Every house is lightened up with
Glittering strips of light.
People are lighting with love -
Candles or little lamps.

This light symbolizes -
The lightening of mind,
Removing all darkness
To proceed towards divine.

With brotherhood and fellow feelings
Live a peaceful life.

Festival Of Light  brings festivity
Removing all meanness of mind.

Amativa (24.10.2014)