Mallika Sengupta (Bengali: মল্লিকা সেনগুপ্ত,1960–2011) is a Bengali poet, feminist, and reader of Sociology from Kolkata, known for her "unapologetically political poetry"'
Name of her some poetry-
Challish Chander Ayu
Haghare O Debdas
Deoyalir Rat
Ardhek Prithiv
Brishtimichhil Barudmichhil,
Aamake Sariye Dao Valobasa, e.t.c

her award and honour-
*sukanto puraskar
*Bangla Academy award
*Junior Fellowship for Literature from the Dept. of Culture,

she was died on 2011....she is a most precious female poet on bengali literature..

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